Spackman Enterprises - Family

Meet the Spackman Family:

Brent Spackman - Software developer/computer systems manager by day and husband, father and small business owner by night. Our business (Spackman Consulting Services - SCS) was originally started in order to provide supplemental income to our family for software and computer consulting. Now we continue to provide services in that way but have found that better health and nutrition are important too. We are dedicated to sharing the information we discover on new products that can help you and your family to improve their health. Please stay tuned for more information on this site to educate you on the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. If you will join our mailing list, we would be happy to send you an information pack.

Laurie Spackman - She spends most ofher time busy 
meeting the needs of our 4 children:

     Tyler (6yrs old)
     - Although very smart, he has special needs because 
       he was born with an extra chromosome.  This is a 
       genetic disorder that is called Trisomy 21 or
       Down Syndrome.
     Jordan and Jared (4 years old) 
     - These active faternal twins are anything but 
       identical! They help mommy and daddy look out
       for their big brother (Tyler) when he gets into 
       things he shouldn't.
     Laurynn MiKayla (we call her "Kayla") - 2 yrs old
     - Kayla is our last one in diapers, but is very 
       smart and very spunky little girl with an amazing
       vocabulary for her age.  She is presently working
       on potty training, and is well on her way to being
       a "big girl".

However, despite high demands on her time, Laurie shares the 
same desire with Brent to build our business based on quality
nutritional products that we can strongly recommend to our friends
and family.  We have learned so much in such a short time that we
feel obligated to inform our friends and family about the products 
we recommend and use.  We are learning so much about better health 
and nutrition that we know we need to use this site to share what
we learn with other people.

We are pleased to distribute products that we feel are effective, 
and to partner with companies that have been around for years 
producing health improvement products that are focused on helping
people live safer and more healthy lives.

Given the overwhelming clinical evidence and broad medical studies 
on the benefits of the products we distribute, it is easy for anyone 
to come to the conlclusion that they need these products.  

However, don't take our word for it!

Please contact us for brochures and tapes that
will provide accurate information from medical and nutritional
professionals and other research organizations.

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